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SIL #2 Knitter Gift

My SILs are probably getting the most elaborate adult gifts this year*. I've gone on & on about SIL T's gift in other posts. That one is done, with a variety of dark chocolate goodies thrown in for good measure and tied with a bow. SIL C is a new knitter this year, so a knitting-themed gift was kind of required (and probably expected).

I started with a trio of Trendsetters needles stuck in an oh-so-pretty needle case, tucked in a box with an empty DPN case in the same material. The needles usually go for about $9 a pair, but I got them on sale for less than half that, so I could continue shopping with a clear conscience**. Once I started thinking "knitting books," I knew just which one to get: Mason Dixon Knitting. It's on the pricier end of the knitting book scale, but I love it's down-hominess and heavy use of basic cotton yarn, so it just had to be. I also grabbed a few balls of said basic cotton yarn, so she could start on a "warshrag" as soon as she wanted. I made a little pyramid of the box A (needle cases, needles, yarn), the book, and box B (emergency knitting ornament, natch).

*I figure this will switch from year-to-year, so eventually, everyone's been "featured." This wouldn't cover the niece and nephews, who get plenty of attention at any time.

**Fluctuates depending on how many gifts total were crafted. I totally kicked butt this year and made some nice gifts that I think people will like, so buying the occasional gift left me guilt-free. As long as most of the 215*** children on my list are under 13, I'll be making as many gifts as I can.

***Slight exaggeration. Although the list did increase from 11 to 19, with only 3 of those over the age of 13.