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Quasi-Last-Minute Kid's Gifts

I have a few days, actually, but I need to put together gifts for some of my cousins coming to visit next week. My brother & SIL are splitting the cost with me, but I'm doing all the work*. A quick trip to the dollar store, one to a craft store, and a few dives into my fabric and other supply stashes, plus a little bit of sewing, and I'll have 4 pretty cool (if I do say so myself) gift bags, plus a gift for a teen.

Ages: 15 months**, 9, 11, 13, almost-15

What I settled on:
  • For all: appliqued T-shirt. Appliques are made, shirts are in the dryer. For the baby girl, it was almost impossible to find a plain toddler shirt that wasn't white. If I were willing to brave Great Lakes Crossing, I'm sure the Children's Place would have something, or maybe Old Navy, but there was nothing nearby. I finally found one at Sears, in the boy's dept., in a kind of sick pea green. It will be girlied up.
  • For the oldest (boy): Original War of the Worlds DVD (plus his Scout-themed shirt (he can sleep in it if nothing else))
  • For the middle 3: appliqued tote bag, stuffed with the shirt, plus some goodies like Sweet Dreams Spray, candy, bath scrubby. Plus... (I was thinking "road trip bag"):
    • For the knitters: 9 & 13 y.o. girls, 11 y.o boy - emergency knitter's ornament, pair of knitting needles in a ribbon sheath. Toying w/ the idea of diving into my stash for yarn.
    • For the 9 y.o.: Last pack of Crazy Crayons (always make extra) and a scribble pad.
    • For the 11 y.o.: Disney movie-themed word search puzzle & mechanical pencils
  • For the baby: a board book
If money were no object, there would be so much more. But time and money are factors. It's amazing, though, how quickly this adds up. I reckon I spent about $50 on the five gifts, not counting the things I already had, and including the 50% off coupons I used at JoAnn's. If you added up what all the fabric, interfacing, etc. cost, it could be pricey. This is why having a stash is GOOD.

*It's just the way I am. I was doing gifts, they wouldn't have time, and it would be weird to only have gifts from me. So, they help finance the deal, and their names go on the tags.

**Actually the oldest's baby