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Theme Gift: Space

In my first post about the robots, I cited Lynne's great idea. She combined robots & space (which kind of naturally go together), but I kept finding robot things and ended up with too much and needed to split the ideas.

So far, this idea is a little sweet-heavy, but it's just at the planning stages. I have a year to go before the first one even gets close. But maybe you're looking for an idea. If not, I need a place to keep all my ideas.
  • Space- and Robot-themed Embroidery
  • Space-themed books. I have one so far, that I just stumbled on. It's a book of puzzles - reading on the left and a jigsaw puzzle on the right.
  • Space-themed Lollypops - can be ordered as an assortment (shown) or by type
  • Easy-to-find space-themed candy (from Lynne's post): Milky Way bars, Starburt, Mars Bars and Orbit gum. Also: Sky Bar and Satellite "candies".
  • Retro Wooden Rocket Pens

More to come, promise!