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Random gift ideas

This is mostly for my own benefit. I don't think many people are reading this right now. If you are, as long as you aren't someone I regularly exchange gifts with this summer, you're fine (just click the link below to open the rest of the post). If you are someone I regularly exchange gifts with, and your birthday is between now and September, GO AWAY. ;-)

I have a friend who shares my love of all things Sharpie. I was so excited to see Personalized Sharpies that I almost ordered them on the spot, even though the birthday in question isn't for more than 3 months. I will be ordering some though; just not now. My only regret is that it's six of one color. I'd love a variety pack.

Mentioned in a post on my regular blog today, I thought this cupcake courier was pretty spiffy, and did order it on the spot, since the birthday is less than a month away.  I got the yellow, since she does things for parties and I could just see a little boy flipping out b/c his cupcakes were transported in a pink case.

Theme presents are pretty spiffy, IMO. To go along with the courier, I have several cupcake items that I picked up in the $1 section at a Joann Fabrics with the general theme in mind. I'll probably hit the cake decorating store and add some random goodies. I'm kind of over my budget with it, but it's fun!

Someday, I want to order personalized M&Ms but cannot justify the expense right now. Oh, add to that the fact that there are no events.