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More Robots

If there wasn't one already, I'm adding a tag for this subject. I'll be thinking about this until the gifts are delivered (last one in late May). So...

It's not too late to pick up the ROBOT GIFT WRAP at Old Navy! I went back to get another blanket and PJ pants for nephew N's* birthday. They were sadly out of the PJ pants**, but I did get a blanket, 2 little spiral books and the gift wrap. One doesn't have Christmas colors at all (I mean, not red & green - it's red & white), so I'll use that roll for the birthdays, and keep the red & green ones until next Christmas.

Good sign: when I got to my DB's house last night, nephew J was wearing robot PJs! He definitely likes robots, so whew! Of course, he's also asked for a knitted robot.

*While it's convenient to have 1 nephew on each side of the family the same age, I won't be duplicating their gifts every year. This year, they won't be identical, but similar. N's robot won't be knit, since his mom has the same pattern book. Instead, Uncle John will sketch a robot for me to sew out of felted wool. I also have an honorary nephew a year older. He'll be getting a themed package as well, but with some different "ingredients."

**It's okay! I bought plain PJ pants (the only ones they had in small) and plan to add a robot applique with the fabric I bought.