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Theme Gift: Superheros

At the moment, every 5- & 6-year-old male in my life is just fascinated with superheroes. I wish I'd found the following before I went on my robot kick!

I just picked up Klutz's Superhero Starter Kit (click on pic for link) yesterday, while shopping for a very belated birthday gift for my honorary nephew, C (He turned 6 in February (bad auntie!)). I was hunting for something else I knew he wanted, but couldn't get any help from the staff. I finally found myself in the Klutz section and spotted this little book/kit and knew I had a winner!

It's an exceptional book for the age group, and if my 2 younger nephews are still in the super hero phase at Christmas - and their parents haven't bought the book yet - I'll get it for them, too. Use a coupon if you can (it's $14.95), but it's worth it even if you can't. It comes with a cape (velco closure), masks, wrist-bands and 3-4 sheets of stickers to make emblems, plus a guide to creating your super hero name and dos and don'ts for super heros (do brush your teeth, don't blow your nose on your cape).

Also going along with the book is this excellent pencil from The Paper Princess.

Other things I've done for the young super heros in my life:
Cape, using Spiderman fabric for nephew N. (I also made a pillowcase and a couple of "silkies" with the same fabric (and have oodles left).)
Messenger Bag and Emblem Shirt for Flame Boy (C). His mom got into the action and made a mask and decorated a pair of pants and gloves with patches made from the same flame fabric (here)

Now, nephew J is into the super hero thing too, so I'm sure this list will be growing! Personally, I like these options better than just handing over pre-made costumes of an already established character. Letting the kids define their own character is infinitely better (in my opinion, anyway).